Vascular Access Center Cologne

Effective treatment of dialysis patients requires enormous importance to be placed on high quality vascular access regarding its placement and maintenance. In order to achieve the best possible results even under difficult conditions an active and continous communication between and within all involved sections is essential.

Taking further advantage of the excellent cooperation of the Department of Medicine II, (general internal medicine and nephrology) with the Department of Vascular Surgery and the Department of Diagnostical Radiology, the University Hospital of Cologne established a multidisciplinary Center for Dialysis Vascular Access. In Germany this is the first university center of this kind.

We offer eminent nephrological treatment in combination with outstanding surgical skills and brilliant radiological diagnostics in one center focused on the patients benefit.

We have expertise in a wide variety of services at the highest level, including:

  • Sonographic and angiographic diagnostics of peripheral and central native and fistula-vessels
  • Placement of dialysis AV/graft-fistulas
  • Planning and realisation of a dialysis access even under difficult vessel-conditions and after multiple previous operations with native (autogenous)and synthetic grafts
  • Corrective surgery after complications with the AV-/graft-fistula
  • Angiographic diagnostics and intervention based treatment of stenoses of the central vein system, the fistula/anastomis and of the arterial system
  • Placement and removal of (tunnelled) dialysis catheters
  • Insertion and removal of peritoneal dialysis catheters
  • Emergency care of all fistula/graft-complications like stenosis and occlusion, bleeding and infection

For the preservation of vascular access and dialysis quality we provide our supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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