Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing

Internist, Nephrologe, Hypertensiologe DHL

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Career
Since 2017 Deputy Chair of the Excellence Cluster CECAD
Since 2015 Vice Dean for Finances, Faculty of Medicine
Since 2011 Coordinator of Systems Biology of Ageing Cologne (Sybacol), UoC
Since 2010 Acting Director of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, UoC
Since 2007 Co-Coordinator of the Cologne Excellence Cluster on Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases (CECAD), UoC
Since 2007 Full Professor of Medicine (W3), Chairman Department II of Internal Medicine, University of Cologne (UoC)
2006–2007 Full Professor (W3), University Hospital Freiburg, Vice-Chief Renal Division, University Hospital Freiburg
2005–2007 Board Member Center for Systems Biology, University of Freiburg
2003–2005 Heisenberg Fellow of the German Research Foundation (Associate Professor)
2003 Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, University of Freiburg 
2002 Venia Legendi for Internal Medicine, Instructor in Medicine (Assistant Professor in Medicine)
2000–2002 Research Group Leader, University Hospital Freiburg
1998–2000 Research Fellow in Nephrology, BIDMC/Harvard Medical School, Boston, Fellow of the German Research Foundation (Laboratory of Gerd Walz)
1996–1998 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology, University Hospital Frankfurt
1995–1996 Internship and Residency in Medicine, University Hospital Freiburg
1994 MD thesis with distinction, Thesis title: Regulation of endothelial autacoid synthesis, Department of Physiology, University of Freiburg (Laboratory of Rudi Busse)
Medical Licensure and Board Certification
2014 Human genetic counseling, Germany
2005 Hypertension Specialist, Deutsche Hochdruckliga
2003 Board Certification in Nephrology, Germany
2002 Board Certification in Internal Medicine, Germany
1995 German Medical License
Awards and Honors (selection) 
2018 Elected Mentor Academicus Scholarium Internationalum of the Association of International Medical Students
2018 Elected Member of the American Clinical and Climatological Association (ACCA)
2015 Elected Member American Society of Clinical Investigation
2015 Congress President of the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Nephrology
2014 Congress President of the 10th International Podocyte Meeting
2013 Congress President of 29th Klenk Symposium for Molecular Medicine on Systems Approaches in Translational Medicine
Since 2010 Scientific Committee of the International Podocyte Meetings
2010 Elected Member German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
Since 2010 President, Scientific Advisory Board of the KfH Foundation on Prevention of Renal Disease
2008 Ernst Jung-Award for Medicine, Ernst-Jung Society Hamburg
2008 Honorary Member of the Ludwig Heilmeyer Society
2006 Young Investigator Award of the American Society of Nephrology
2005 Advisory activity for the NIDDK and NIH, USA
2005 Franz-Volhard-Award, German Society of Nephrology 
2005 Honorary Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology (FASN)
2004 Adalbert Buding Research Award, German Society of Hypertension
2003 Heisenberg Fellowship of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
1985 Laufenburg Award as top graduating student of the state
Professional Societies, Memberships
American Society of Nephrology
German Society of Nephrology
European Society of Nephrology ERA/EDTA
International Society of Nephrology
Deutsche Hochdruckliga
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin
Scientific Journals and Editorial Boards
Editorial board member Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Kidney International, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology, Science Signaling, Nature Reviews in Nephrology
Reviewer for Cell, Science, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Kidney International, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, American Journal of Physiology, Science Signaling, Nature Reviews in Nephrology, Journal for Clinical Investigation 
Selected Publications
Huber, T.B., B. Schermer, R.U. Muller, M. Hohne, M. Bartram, A. Calixto, H. Hagmann, C. Reinhardt, F. Koos, K. Kunzelmann, E. Shirokova, D. Krautwurst, C. Harteneck, M. Simons, H. Pavenstadt, D. Kerjaschki, C. Thiele, G. Walz, M. Chalfie, and T. Benzing (2006) Podocin and MEC-2 bind cholesterol to regulate the activity of associated ion channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A,  103(46): 17079-86.
Schermer, B., C. Ghenoiu, M. Bartram, R.U. Muller, F. Kotsis, M. Hohne, W. Kuhn, M. Rapka, R. Nitschke, H. Zentgraf, M. Fliegauf, H. Omran, G. Walz, and T. Benzing (2006) The von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor protein controls ciliogenesis by orienting microtubule growth. J Cell Biol,  175(4): 547-54.
Hildebrandt, F., T. Benzing, and N. Katsanis (2011) Ciliopathies. N Engl J Med,  364(16): 1533-43.
Thadhani, R., T. Kisner, H. Hagmann, V. Bossung, S. Noack, W. Schaarschmidt, A. Jank, A. Kribs, O.A. Cornely, C. Kreyssig, L. Hemphill, A.C. Rigby, S. Khedkar, T.H. Lindner, P. Mallmann, H. Stepan, S.A. Karumanchi, and T. Benzing (2011) Pilot study of extracorporeal removal of soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1 in preeclampsia. Circulation,  124(8): 940-50.
Hackl, M.J., J.L. Burford, K. Villanueva, L. Lam, K. Susztak, B. Schermer, T. Benzing, and J. Peti-Peterdi (2013) Tracking the fate of glomerular epithelial cells in vivo using serial multiphoton imaging in new mouse models with fluorescent lineage tags. Nat Med,  19(12): 1661-6.
Hohne, M., C. Ising, H. Hagmann, L.A. Volker, S. Brahler, B. Schermer, P.T. Brinkkoetter, and T. Benzing (2013) Light microscopic visualization of podocyte ultrastructure demonstrates oscillating glomerular contractions. Am J Pathol,  182(2): 332-8.
Kurschat, C.E., R.U. Muller, M. Franke, D. Maintz, B. Schermer, and T. Benzing (2014) An approach to cystic kidney diseases: the clinician's view. Nat Rev Nephrol,  10(12): 687-99.
Benzing, T. (2015) Polycystic kidney disease. HALTing PKD progression--revival of blood pressure control. Nat Rev Nephrol,  11(3): 129-31.
Thadhani, R., H. Hagmann, W. Schaarschmidt, B. Roth, T. Cingoez, S.A. Karumanchi, J. Wenger, K.J. Lucchesi, H. Tamez, T. Lindner, A. Fridman, U. Thome, A. Kribs, M. Danner, S. Hamacher, P. Mallmann, H. Stepan, and T. Benzing (2016) Removal of Soluble Fms-Like Tyrosine Kinase-1 by Dextran Sulfate Apheresis in Preeclampsia. J Am Soc Nephrol,  27(3): 903-13.
Rinschen, M.M., A.K. Hoppe, F. Grahammer, M. Kann, L.A. Volker, E.M. Schurek, J. Binz, M. Hohne, F. Demir, M. Malisic, T.B. Huber, C. Kurschat, J.N. Kizhakkedathu, B. Schermer, P.F. Huesgen, and T. Benzing (2017) N-Degradomic Analysis Reveals a Proteolytic Network Processing the Podocyte Cytoskeleton. J Am Soc Nephrol,  28(10): 2867-2878.
Welcker, D., M. Jain, S. Khurshid, M. Jokic, M. Hohne, A. Schmitt, P. Frommolt, C.M. Niessen, J. Spiro, T. Persigehl, M. Wittersheim, R. Buttner, M. Fanciulli, B. Schermer, H.C. Reinhardt, T. Benzing, and K. Hopker (2018) AATF suppresses apoptosis, promotes proliferation and is critical for Kras-driven lung cancer. Oncogene,  37(11): 1503-1518.
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